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Ahhhhh, Little Dove. (click here)

Remember when I finished the Jessie Hayes series, I said the next book was going to be a little dark?

Well, now I give you...Little Dove!

I can't really say it's completely dark, in fact it doesn't cleanly fit into any category. I prefer to call it GRITTY. Yes, it's a little dark, a little suspenseful, a little bit of a thriller, but it's still a sweet love story.

Many of the early reviews mention how it stirs emotions. I didn't expect to hear that, but I'm thrilled because that means that readers are connecting with the characters passionately and emotionally. While not setting out to poke and prod at emotions, I do strive to create very real characters, both primary and secondary.

One thing I can say about my writing is that every single book will be character driven. If I can create characters that feel real and that the reader can empathize with and get fired up for, then perhaps this writing gig is not just a phase after all. *wink


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