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Friends. Ride or die, right?

Always have your back.

Know all your dirty little secrets.

Love the shiny parts of you, and embrace the crappy ones?

Yeah? Well, I don’t know about all that nonsense because my friends are just a bunch of assholes.

They’re taking over.

They’re commandeering my love life.

They’re constructing a dating profile for me, and it’s bad…

Because I don’t even have the password for it,

and I have to do exactly what they say.

National Award-Winning Author, KC Decker

brings you a sexy new, enemies to lovers romance.



gra•da•tion / grey•dey•shen


Gradation- A gradual change.

Tattoo Gradation- A visual technique of gradually transitioning from one hue to another.

Individual Gradation- A gradual progression in opinion, perception, or attitude toward another. Or, perhaps, a gradual change in your intolerance towards another human being—who, if we are completely honest, is really just a cocky bastard anyway.


National Award-Winning Author, KC Decker

Brings you a Sexy New, Enemies to Lovers Romance.



Having your friends commandeer your dating profile is kind of like picking a scab. It sounds like a good idea at first, but it ends up really messy and will probably leave a scar.


Part of that particular messiness is the fact that I trusted my friends. Now, I actually have to date the guy who happens to be the polar opposite of my type.


Everyone says, people are more than what you see. Which is fine, but in my case, all I see is a cocky bastard wrapped in tattoos.


Unfortunately, he’s a little more perceptive than I gave him credit for. He knows I don’t want to date him. He also knows my friend’s stipulations, and that I’m stuck in this little arrangement.


Also, because he sees himself in a top-of-the-food-chain kind of way, he’s going to take full advantage of the situation. To my detriment, I assure you.


My take-aways from this colossal disaster are twofold. One, never trust your friends. And two…


Never date Gavin Rhodes.


Of Ash and Angels

Little Dove


of Ash and Angels



I have never had a therapist I didn’t want to murder where they sat. As a collective group they all say there is no way around grief, only through it, but for me, grief has become who I am. The idea of shedding it is as ludicrous as stepping outside of my own skin.

The fact is, some things can break you. I mean shatter your soul and cast it into the wind in a billion tiny pieces. To think you might one day be able to find all those infinite pieces of yourself, patch everything back together, and move on with life—well, I don’t even need to dignify that with a response.



A few months ago, I shaved off a hundred and eighty-five-pound parasite. Then, once I was rid of him, I wondered why I didn’t just stick it out because the dating world is treacherous these days. Turns out, so is unemployment.

I suppose, to offset all the swiping left and Netflix binging in my life, I should take this job. There is a massive problem with the position though.

The problem’s name is, Justin Abernathy.

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Little Dove 


 I always suspected I would die this way, if not by his hands, then by another’s. I knew if I dabbled in the dark some of it would seep into my skin. I knew it would take hold of my inherent goodness and smear it around the rest-stop floor. I should never have taken him on. I should have known that darkness has a way of snuffing out the light.


My name is Etta Freeman and I have a secret.


The only person who may be able to save me from myself is Dallas; sexy, smug, felonious drug dealer that he is. The problem is that Dallas doesn’t yet know his role in my narrative.


Soon enough though, there still may be time.


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