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Due to three kids attending my Covid Homeschool Academy, and then a life-uprooting move when my husband's company transferred us (*kicking and screaming) to a wildly dissimilar existence in the Lone Star State, my writing took a sulky, petulant backseat to the shifting priorities of life. However, my imagination refused to sit idle, remaining there neglected and unacknowledged.

To that end, I have countless book ideas demanding a voice. So much so, that for the first time ever, I am working on multiple projects at the same time. Kind of like when you are midway through a kitchen clean, and you decide to switch out the laundry real quick, but then you get caught hanging up the stuff you don't dry--and next thing you know it's time to toss a granola bar at your kid and get him to hockey practice. Yeah, it's like that.

Anyway, I have two books half finished, and a completed one that I'm shopping around to literary agents. The finished one is different from my other books, therefore may publish under a pseudonym (stay up to date by joining my mailing list). It also opens the door to a sequel, and possibly a third. Think of Colleen Hoover and Ernest Cline having a book baby that Margaret Atwood and Stephen King take turns babysitting. It's difficult to classify because it tickles the edges of speculative fiction while remaining firmly in the present reality of everyday life. There are no unusual abilities or futuristic societies, and it's completely plausible. The plot tackles some weighty topics like social equity and sustainability-- but in a subtle way that ripens as the story unfolds. It's also a suspenseful, chilling foray into the dark principles of some very dangerous people.

The other two works in progress may come to fruition soon, or they may remain in the background while I work on the sequel.... or I may manically decide to juggle all three, or start on another marinating idea....

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