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Oh, Silas... (click here)

So, here's the thing. Silas was never written to be this huge, intense Dom. There. I said it. I'm getting tons of feedback about him not being Alpha enough, strong enough, Dom enough, communicative enough...

My humble intention with the Jessie Hayes series was to show another side to BDSM/kink. We all know Doms are often portrayed as ruthless, demanding, powerful men—and a lot of them are...but not all. In the world of kink, there is a HUGE segment of society that is interested in BDSM, just on a smaller scale. Many, many, many women like to be blindfolded, or tied to a bed, or spanked, or bound for sensory play, or bossed around in the bedroom, or talked dirty to. However, those same women are not necessarily interested in being flogged, or bound into compete submission, or bossed around 24/7 by a ruthless, imposing man.

My books are intended for the middle-of-the-road-ers. The ones who are curious and interested, but not ALL IN and certainly not 100% submissive 100% of the time. I myself am a middle-of-the-road-er. I appreciate a man who is strong and incredibly capable sexually. I like the sexy side of an Alpha male, but I also dislike a domineering, oppressive man who needs to swing his dick around while demanding total compliance.

For me, Silas is the perfect type of Alpha. He is hot AF, intensely skilled with a women's body, smart, funny, sensitive, successful, confident, and, most importantly—he's real. Not real, like REAL real, but in that he has issues, flaws, and weaknesses just like everyone else. Is he a great communicator? No. Is he a stringent Dom? No. Is he smart for listening to Parker? Hell no. But he IS real.

In the end, would I kick him out of bed for not being Dom enough? Nope... Not unless Salinger was waiting for me. *wink

NOW, DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED about Jessie not being submissive enough....because she illustrates the dichotomy in all of us—and that's exactly what I was going for.

Mwah, I love you guys!

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