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What's next? Three writing projects and one dilemma.


I'll start with the dilemma. Often writers are told to stay in their lane regarding genres, but my lane has ADHD. I'm typically consistent in two aspects. One, I write flawed characters because that's what's real and relatable.  And, two, I go a bit further than most authors with the steamy details.  Other than those instances I'm kinda all over the place, so my storylines are as varied as orbiting planets. However, my 2 new manuscripts have a different feel. Neither is particularly steamy, so I'm afraid to disappoint the readers who come for my trademark emotional sizzle. It may be necessary to publish them under a pseudonym instead of veering so far off the KC Decker track. (stay up to date by joining my mailing list) For now, I'm shopping the two finished manuscripts around, so their publication is in a holding pattern. 


Project 1 is a somewhat delayed-coming-of-age story. A naive yet hopeful woman moves to Alaska to live with her online boyfriend (what could possibly go wrong with that?) and finds herself in a very real struggle for survival.

Project 2 is a speculative social narrative that's difficult to classify into a genre because it tickles the edges of speculative fiction by asking, what if this happened to you, while remaining completely plausible. The plot tackles some weighty topics like eugenics and eco-sustainability -- but in subtle ways that ripen as the story unfolds. It's also a suspenseful, chilling foray into the dark principles of some very dangerous people. The story harmonizes the delicate balance between psychological thriller and philosophical introspection. Yes, it's off-brand for me, but it was so fun to write!

Project 3 is the sequel to Project 2 and is my current WIP.


In the backseat, I have multiple new ideas demanding a voice, so, after a bit of a gap in my publishing resume, you should be hearing from me soon.




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