What's Up Next?

So, I have one book in the writing process right now and one in the fire, so to speak. The one in the fire is a lot different than my other books, as it is me dipping my toe in a different genre. In fact, it kind of straddles genres, so it's hard to classify. On one hand, it's very realistic and suspenseful, but it's also dusted with some "what if..." elements that tickle the edges of speculative fiction. It's psychological and completely delicious and would make a kick-ass Netflix series, but it's future is in limbo at the moment. I'm shopping the finished piece around to literary agents instead of indie-publishing it, so stay tuned.

I'm shooting for a Spring or Summer release for my next indie book, which can best be described as an exciting adventure gone terribly, wrong. I don't want to say too much because you know me, I want the plot vague so the reader can unravel it as they go.

Much love,


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